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Radio Logo Design: How Important Is It?

2022-03-09 11:15:37 remcogra

Logos are important for all businesses, whether they are online or offline. A well-designed logo can help customers remember your brand and distinguish you from your competitors. For walkie talkies, a logo is especially important. It is the first thing that people see when they think of when they see the brand, and it can make a big impression on them. In this blog post, we will discuss the importance of logos for radio manufacturers and some tips for designing them. We are were asked to look at a design for DigiX which amongst other things are water proof walk talkies.

8 common logo mistakes

A logo is an essential part of any business, and it should be designed with care. There are many common mistakes that businesses make when designing their logos. Here are 8 of the most common ones:

  1. Not considering the target audience
  2. Not designing for different media
  3. Not using a professional designer
  4. Not making the logo versatile

If you want to avoid making these mistakes, then it is important to consider your target audience, design for different media, and use a professional designer. These tips will help you create a logo that is both effective and memorable. Thanks for reading! We hope this was helpful.

What are your thoughts on radio logos? Do you think they are important? Let us know in the comments below!

Designing a logo for a radio manufacturer is tricky- it needs to be modern and sleek while still being easily recognizable on a small screen.

Having a strong and easily recognizable logo is more important than ever.

A good logo should be:





While there are many ways to go about designing a logo, working with a professional designer is always the best option to ensure that your final product is everything you want it to be.

“The psychology of color and how it can improve your logo’s branding potential”

Want to give your logo a boost? Check out the power of color and how it can improve your branding potential. By using colors that resonate with your target audience, you can create a logo that is both memorable and effective.

For example, blue is often used to represent trustworthiness and reliability, making it a good choice for businesses that want to convey those qualities. Red can be used to create excitement and urgency, while green is associated with eco-friendly messages and financial stability.

When choosing colors for your logo, it’s important to keep in mind what you want it to communicate to your audience. By using the right colors, you can create a logo that is not only visually appealing but also psychologically persuasive.

Logos are an essential part of any business, whether they are online or offline. A well-designed logo can help customers remember your brand and distinguish you from your competitors. For radio manufacturers, a logo is especially important. It is the first thing people see when they think of the brand, and it can make a big impression on them.

“How to make a logo for your company”

1. Decide what you want your logo to communicate

Before you start designing your logo, it’s important to decide what you want it to communicate to your customers. What are the values and message you want your brand to project? What are your company’s colors and fonts? By answering these questions, you can begin to develop a visual identity for your business.

2. Work with a professional designer

When it comes to creating a professional and effective logo, it’s always best to work with a professional designer. They will have the experience and skills necessary to help you create a logo that is both unique and memorable.

3. Keep it simple

A good logo should be simple and easy to remember. Overly complex designs can be confusing and hard to reproduce. When designing your logo, keep it simple and focused on your brand’s message.

Creating a good radio logo is important for any business looking to create a strong visual identity. By following these tips, you can create a logo that is both effective and memorable. Let us know in the comments below what you think makes a great radio logo!

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SEO Logo

2022-01-01 16:38:34 remcogra

We have recently finished a new design for a UK based SEO company.

Here is the logo:

The idea was to change the existing logo (which was fine but needed updating) to accompany the new look website.

The company is located in Wirral and target keywords such as SEO Wirral and SEO Liverpool but the existing colours did not fit the design.

Designing a logo is important because it can make or break the success of your company. It is the first impression that people will have of your brand, so it needs to represent what you’re all about in just one image. A well-designed logo can also help establish subconscious feelings about the product or service, which may lead to more sales.

If you know how to start designing your logo, you’ll be well on your way to creating an iconic design that will last for years. To help aid in the process, here are five helpful tips to consider when designing a logo:

1. Keep it Simple and Memorable

Your logo should be simple enough that people can remember it, but it should also be unique and creative enough that people want to remember it. What makes a logo memorable? Clean typography is one key aspect. Letters with clear and smooth surfaces are easier for the eyes to read than those with jagged edges or uneven shapes. You can also play around with color and size, shifting them around until you find a combination that works well together.

2. Use Negative Space

Negative space is the area around and between objects, which can be strategically used to make your logo stand out. A negative space silhouette of an animal or other object can make a much more compelling brand identity than a similar image in full color because it gives you the option to use the outline as part of your logo. You can also experiment with cutting out specific parts of objects or people if it helps to highlight certain aspects of the image.

3. Make it Legible and Memorable

If you want people to remember your logo, then they’re going to need to be able to read it. There’s nothing wrong with using a fun, artistic font as long as it’s legible. The most important letter in the wordmark should stand out so that people can read it without much effort. You can also use a memorable symbol or icon to accompany your brand name; just make sure that it doesn’t take away from the text and that it can still be read.

4. Don’t Try to Fit in; Stand Out!

There are millions of logos out there, and if you want yours to stand out from the crowd, it has to be different. If you’re not ready to take a risk by going with an unusual colour scheme or an abstract shape, try inverting the colours on your logo or putting it on a unique background.

5. Test Different Variations (with Your Target Audience)

Once you’ve finalized your design, there’s no reason not to test it with other people before committing to it. If possible, recruit people who are in your target audience and ask them for feedback. You may find that certain colours, fonts or elements are more appealing to your audience than what you originally envisioned.

While there are many aspects to consider when designing a logo, the overall goal is to create an image that people will enjoy looking at and ultimately want to remember. Remembering your brand is all about staying unique with a design that people can fall in love with.

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Dog Trainers Wirral Logo

2021-12-04 17:32:48 remcogra

This is the logo it’s pretty cool we think:

But why would you train your dog in the first place? What are the benefits? As well as the branding we step behind the scenes to find out more about the business behind the graphics. This logo belongs to Paws in Nature dog trainers Wirral.

Six major benefits of dog training

Many dog owners are disconcerted and frustrated because they are not necessarily the well-trained and respectful companion they see on television. Training your dog may have detrimental effects on all aspects of your life and your health and safety to the people in your care and the money and the property of other individuals and pets. It is very important and incredibly difficult to train this breed. Developing your puppy can increase your peace of mind while keeping pets happy and well nourished.

6 important benefits of dog training

Posted November 13, 2018. Canines are social creatures. Our pets need support in becoming a better friend. Make sure your companion dog is trained in veterinary training with their current owners! Alternately, you may enroll your dog in obedience classes. Telling people about how to behave must not be ignored, whether in your mind or otherwise? You can therefore have a quiet loyal friend. Train dogs are worth the effort. Can dogs gain great training opportunities?

Easy management and full control

During the obedient courses, obedient teachers will be taught basic manners and skills like sitting if the person stops or is ready. This is a good thing for dogs during routine walks and exercises. As an alternative to keeping complete and secure control of our pets, taking them outdoors can be easier. Within several months you’ll be a family member who knows how to behave with respect for you and for people. It teaches how one must be accompanied by a friend in order to get comfortable and communicate with another creature. Aside from safety training, the puppy has learnt to do his best at home and around other animals. When a puppy obeys, they can safely travel with them every day.

Social behavior

Some dogs suddenly feel anger when others see a threat, while others feel afraid. Dogs bringing their own pets must be fluent in their own language. They can interact with others. Unlike humans, dogs need socialization as well. Understanding social behavior will become very imperative. Attending an obedience program improves dog confidence. It was the case the first dogs were scared of food / communication. Sometimes it hurts. Especially if you spend time with a trainer on a regular basis they are able to communicate quickly with the dogs.

Improved dog health

With a dog that gets trained to be happy and behave, they help reduce frustration. Dog owners don’t know how good things go wrong. And as soon as we have a good understanding of what we are about. Animals cannot perceive various things, thus we judge ourselves as we live in the moment. Dogs suffering from anxiety do the best they can, but they don’t usually feed on happy food. This improves dogs’ total wellness as they have proper training schedules. Animal owners often have a sense of smell about their dog for a number of reasons.

Your dog will be much safer

Training dogs reduces the chance for accidents to happen to other dogs or to be taken into their family’s homes and sold. The best results: Tell me the basics about sitting or getting in contact without touching the phone if there’s any time or space available on your phone. It may make great learning collars to help teach kids what to do and to correct behaviors with ease. All these tricks help in saving countless dogs from injuries! Especially in stifling dogs, it’s also helpful to keep dog owners away from accidents.

Why should I train my dog?

December 21 is APDT designated as training month for dogs across America. January represents a time when dogs are trained on a new behavior. Some dog owners ascribe the need for an advanced training course for dog training. Leaving one dog at the same time can cause unnecessary injury and death and can occur to whoever owns the puppy. The company stresses that trainer training to enhance dogs’ development is crucial.

You’ll bond with your dog

When working with dogs, bonding has been important for them for many years. If you invest each day for hours to develop a bond with the dog, it will provide you with more confidence. Your puppy will also enjoy the chance to get to know you – being the pack leader who is thoughtfully confident. Whichever methods you have to employ in your puppy’s behavioural change is a good thing to work with as much as possible and foster a healthy interaction.

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A Touch of the Old With Tommy Johnson & Scrapper Blackwell

2020-11-19 11:04:54 remcogra

We do not claim credit for this artwork but we’d like to share a couple of old blues artists album covers. Blues musicisn Scrapper Blackwell:

And the unsung hero of blues music Tommy Johnson

Both album covers can be found on The Document Records Store so please be assured we claim no artisti right to these but although simple we like their almost memorial like appearance. With simple notes showing an image, when they were recording and who they collaborated with.

This simplicity often goes missed when creating artwork and people strive to be different and at times when it doesn’t suit – brash with their imagery. Not here though, we are currently researching a lot of similar simple album covers and thought we would share what we like.

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Health Graphics

2020-09-22 15:39:09 remcogra

Big thanks to Goli Gummes UK supplier provider Evo Nutrition for letting us show off their graphical work below:

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